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Book a PSYCHIC or Tarot Reader

for an Event OR Party!

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Q: Where does a 121 Reading take place?


A. 121 Private readings take place in my home, or for parties, in the home or venue booked.


The readings can be recorded onto a CD for you to keep,.   Readings are for entertainment purposes only, you should use your own judgement the psychic will just give you possible outcomes of the situation surrounding you.


A ‘general reading’ is what most of my private clients opt for, and I use tarot cards, and psychomentry object reading as I find these the most accurate. When you shuffle the cards, I ‘tune into’ you, using a meditation technique and make contact with spirit guides and the guides and loved ones around you. I am a clairvoyant medium, which means I am able to communicate with the spirit world and I am shown images psychically that relate to you, such as detailed descriptions about yourself , the people in your life and the situations you are currently in as well as looking at where life will take you in the future.


All Readings are classed as entertainment under the current law.?

All readings are classed as ‘entertainment’ under the current law, although many , many clients come back year after year as the information given is so uncannily accurate. I cannot make things happen for you, but show you the different possibilities in your life and then it is up to you to choose whether you want to take them up or not. You have free will and ultimately it is you that is in control of your own life.

What to expect from a 121 Reading?

I start a reading using the Rider W tarot pack. I have used these cards for over 20 years. I lay them out in the ‘Celtic cross’ pattern that looks at past, present, future, hopes and fears, home and family, what is bothering you and outcome. At the start of the reading I do not like to ask you questions and prefer to let the reading unfold itself. You can then go deeper into the information revealed or ask questions about the things you wish to know more about.


Many people come on their own, but you are welcome to bring a friend or I can come to you if there a few of you.


Most readings take place between 10am-3pm weekdays and I also work some Sundays. In exceptional circumstances I can do i can do telephone readings late in the evenings at 9pm til 2am.


To make a booking ring me on 08005999004

Please leave a message with your phone number on the chat now facility and give your name and I’ll call you back ASAP. 

(If I have not called you back, straight away it is because i'm working but I will endeavour to call you asap) 


PAY NOW PAGE  click here Now.


Payment is by PayPal, credit or debit card and this allows me to keep the cost of this service

at a very economical price.


I look forward to hearing from you soon

love & light x