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Can a Psychic Phone reading be as accurate as a face to face psychic reading?


Well more & more people are having psychic readings over the telephone, but can a psychic reading given over the phone be as accurate as a face to face reading?  ANSWER YES SPOT ON INFACT 


If you are reading this you must be contemplating trying a phone reading for maybe the first time or maybe you have read our reviews and decided you would like a accurate reading given by our readers.


A psychic reading made over the phone is far less influenced by all sorts of information, for one the psychic can not see the client's facial expressions or the way you are dressed for example, as it would deliver lots of clues.  


Over the telephone the psychic can not see your reaction or facial expressions , psychic readers use all sorts of tools Tarot for example you do not need to hold the cards in your hands for a psychic phone reading, I will not go into full details why, but you still get a accurate reading without handling the cards yourself.   A psychic reader should quickly and easily tune into you and give you some amazing evidence they have connected with you at a distance especially in the first few minutes.

So in a nut shell having a psychic reading over the telephone should be a special and enjoyable experience for you, and the information the reader gives you will be accurate and you will feel as though you are sitting in front of the reader but instead you are at the end of a telephone.  Infact the the reading should be even better than a face to face reading.

We have REAL Psychic Readers, that have skills in Clairvoyance, Tarot Readings & are Mediums that communicate with spirit to give you insight and clarity about your life.


A good psychic would never ask for too much information i.e your Name and date of birth should be all they need to create a link to your energy, NEVER start your reading by spilling out details about your self or the reason you seeking advice.

Let the psychic have a chance to tune into you and give information to you that relates to your particular situation as it is personal to you.

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